International Gazette Of Research and ePublishers (IGRPS) is a rapidly growing academic publisher in the fields of Medicine, Engineering and Technology, Biotechnology, Biological, Life sciences, Health sciences and Physical sciences etc.

The main mission is to publish journals and thesis and devote to research and global dissemination of academic information. All research articles submitted to International Gazette Of Research and ePublishers (IGRPS) should be original in nature, never previously published in any journal or presented in a conference or undergoing such process across the globe. All the submissions will be peer-reviewed by the panel of experts associated with particular field. Submitted papers should meet the internationally accepted criteria and manuscripts should follow the style of the journal for the purpose of both reviewing and editing.

International Gazette Of Research and ePublishers (IGRPS), a broad-based open access publisher, is based on the fundamental principles: the publication of the research papers with more practical knowledge that enable the qualitative application in developing new technologies. Secondly, to provide easy & open access to the world in giving much priority in finding solutions to the global problems with effective research papers to publish and disseminate the articles freely for teaching and reference.