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Volume 1, Issue 1

Art and Science Einstein's Universe Via Art

Abraham Tamir
Short Article: aie2018 1(1): 101


Insight Artificial to Cyborg Intelligence Modeling

Md Sadique Shaikh
Short Article: aie2018 1(1): 102


Optimization of the reducible objective functions with monotone factors subject to FRI constraints defined with continuous t-norms

A Ghodousian
Research Article: aie2018 1(1): 103


Harnessing constrained resources in service industry via video analytics

Chun-Hung Cheng, Iyiola E Olatunji
Research Article: aie2018 1(1):104


Optimizing of linear problems subjected to Sugeno-Weber FRI

Amin Ghodousian, Tarane Azarnejad
Research Article: aie2018 1(1): 105


Facility Design Variations using a Strong Component based Methodology

Luis F Romero D, Jaime A Leon D, Luis F Romero B
Research Article: aie2018 1(1): 106


Variability of Data When Testing the Handbrake Parking System vs The Electronic Park Brake with Three Maha Testers at Ministry of Transport Facilities

Carolina Senabre, Sergio Valero, Emilio Velasco
Research Article: aie2018 1(1): 107


Volume 2, Issue 1

Liquid desiccants applications in cooling and dehumidification : An overview

D B Jani
Research Article:aie2019 2(1): 108


Prediction of Methane and Ethane Gas Hydrate Formation and Their Mixture in a Porous Medium

Mohammad Reza Talaghat, Zahra Hariri
Research Article:aie2019 2(1): 109


Art and Science Euclidean Geometry-The Five Axioms via Art

Abraham Tamir
Short Communication: 2(1): 110


Analysis of the Production Routine of Iodine123 at IEN and an Adaptation Proposal for a New Radiopharmaceuticals Production Facility

Rian O Miranda, Celso M F Lapa, Julio C Suita
Review Article: 2(1): 111


Volume 3, Issue 1

Study on Bio-Diesel as Alternate Fuel Used in I.C. Engines

D B Jani
Editorial Article:aie2020 3(1): 112


Biosorption of Heavy Metals from Aqueous Solutions:Insight and Review

Salaudeen Abdulwasiu Olawale
Review Article:aie2020 3(1): 113